Real-Time Rendering 3D App

3D Touch Screen Application

For Interactive Sales

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Real-Time 3D Touch Screen Application with interactive sales experience.

Smart Estate provides you the best presentation experience for your clients with real-time, high quality 3D renders, including VR integration to make them live an unforgettable experience in finding their next home.

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Touch Screen

3D view of the entire investment with interactive building and apartment plans.


Virtual and Augmented Reality integration with furniture for all residential units.


Interactive search engine and filter options for flats with predefined criteria.


Points of interests integration in the surrounding area with Google Maps.


Full, two-way integration with our hand coded, custom designed CRM system.


Sending PDF formatted apartment plans to your clients directly from the application.

Two-way integration with our hand coded, custom designed CRM system.

Sales Tracking

Ability to track sales and orders, auto generated Excel/PDF reports and files based on predefined criteria otherwise could take hours to do so.

Automated Tasks

Automated tasks and scheduled events based on triggers or events, working with APIs, SQL injections, code executions & optimizations with selective sync…

Data Analysis

Financial and workflow data, customer info and history, working with APIs to gather and analyse data.

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Geolocated Placement

Our application is a state of the art software with many features to help customers understand the environment where the project will be constructed. Especially with the help of our powerful dynamic sky integration, we are able to create an accurate day & night cycle for your project. So you can conveniently show your customers the exact sun movements dynamically from sunrise to sunset or even the night.

3D Virtual Tour

3D virtual tour of the apartments along with furniture for all residential unit types available in your project. After putting on glasses or even with onscreen virtual joystick, your potential customers can walk around in the entire project. This will make them feel like they are actually inside the apartment, and yes; it's revolutionary.

Traffic Animations

Traffic & Pedestrian animations integration into the surrounding area of your project, in order to increase the realistic experience of the project overview scene.

3D Apartment Plans

Fully furnished, render quality 3D view of the apartments for all residential unit types available in your project. You can also show 2D apartment plans (blueprints) on the same screen, and thanks to our powerful software solutions, you're able to send them to your customer's email address directly from the application.

Interactive Filter

By using filters, potential buyers can target their needs and compare plans of the different houses and apartments they are interested in. More filter options can be added according your personal preferences. In addition to all above, you can change the status of all the residential units in your project - as if the apartment is sold, reserved or available for sale.

High Quality Render

Our expertise is beyond all the briefly described information in here. We also do 3D modeling, provide high quality 3D renders, create print designs and run your entire promotional campaign of your investment.
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